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Switching to Natural Deodorant and its "Detox Phase"

You may hear often how natural deodorants just do not work or may have even experienced this for yourself but I want to explain and break down the phases of this. Sometimes we seem to not give the stuff that benefits us the most in a good way enough time to run ts course and work. Just like when we think a diet is not working because we do not see results tomorrow or even a week from now we go back to the bad and harmful stuff. Going into more detail it may take up to 30 days before 

Detox Phase and what you can expect:

Week 1: Depending on how long you have been using antiperspirants your body can be very dependent on it. Within this first week you will not notice much of a change.This happens because your pours under you arm are basically clogged with the toxins that prevent you from sweating 

Week 2: When you discontinue antiperspirant, it is normal to experience moisture from your body now releasing swear in that area and sweat is a way to flush out any unnecessary toxins so its a good thing that this is now happening. You will also begin to notice a increase in odor-causing bacteria (Corynebacteria) in the underarm area as well. For any people I think this is where they start to think that the natural product is not working but in all this is a part of the process. Odor-causing bacteria is something that won’t last forever, it is just a part of the detox phase that happens when you are transitioning from the bad to good. 

Week 3: Bacteria odor levels begin to calm down as you will not notice it as much as well as the excess sweating will normalize and not be as bad. It may feel weird to some to sweat some in that area but something that will always be there. It is not a bad thing because it's what the body needs to do. 

Week 4: By week 4 you should be fully adjusted to the change. To some people it may take up to the full 30 days, to some it may not. Everyone's body chemistry is different, so phases may vary as well.

I know this may seem scary to some but it is so worth it. Living a healthy lifestyle in every way possible is so important. After I made the transition to a more natural lifestyle I was truly amazed. I even got to a point where I do not have to where deodorant everyday and have no problems at all with odor. Give your body what it needs.  

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