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Q:When will my order ship?

All orders take 3-5 business days to process in our facility excluding delivery times. We do our best to get each order out as quickly as possible and in the order in which they are received. Please allow 24-72 hours for tracking number to update after tracking is received. 

Q: Do you all have any faster processing options?

We have a rush-same day order processing fee option available at checkout. (orders must be placed no later then 12PM). This option allows for your order to skip the line and the processing times of 3-5 days making your order our priority. Selecting this your order will be prepared and dropped off same-day to your shipping provider. Please note that we have no control over the actual delivery process and the time of arrival of your product. 

Q: Where are the product instructions?

We do not believe in instructions here at honeyed natural health & beauty store. Everyone's skin & processes are different and there is not a right or wrong way to do anything. Do whatever speaks to you and gives your unique skin the most benefit. Knowing your skin is key. It is also the key to any successful skin regimen and when it comes to picking out your products. Skincare is less of what others just “tell” you to do. We don’t know your skin so we don’t give general instructions because everyone skin is different and may require different things.  We recommend everyone to listen to their body intuitively, and follow what resonates the most with you. 

Q: Can I cancel my order?

Please reach out to us as soon as possible If you would like to cancel your order. If you have already received a tracking number in your email, your order can not be revoked.

Q: Can I Return My Products?

Honeyed Natural Health & Beauty has a NO REFUND POLICY.  We are not able to restock any products that have been out of our hands. This regulation is in place for sanitary purposes, and we like to ensure the health and safety of our customers. We ask that you, please carefully review all orders before checking out and do your own extensive research on any products. However, if there are any issues, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Q: What if my package arrives damaged? 

Please contact the courier associated with your tracking for all questions or claims regarding broken or missing items, and tracking updates. Claims can be made directly through your courier. We ARE NOT responsible.

Q: What is in your products?

Each product has ingredients listed under the descriptions. If unable to locate, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Q: What steps do you take to help save the planet?

We minimize paper and labeling on products and information! Be sure to take time and read all of our information before purchasing as everything can be foind on our website 

Q: What if I have allergies? or sensitive skin? Can these products break me out?

Though everything we make is geared towards sensitive skin types, we always suggest you research ingredients and carefully read descriptions prior to purchasing. Knowing your triggers prior to purchasing any products is super important we cannot stress this enough. Normally breaking out from a product derbies from a ingredient allergy. We use plants and plant compounds in all of our products. We suggest seeking a allergy specialist or doing a patch test of any product before full application if you are severely sensitive. Knowing your own body is a must. We are not able to provide any medical advice. 

How do I know witch product is for me?

Again as stated above, you have to know and learn your own body. This is your unique shell not one persons skin is alike. What works for one may not work for the other. Skincare is truly trial and error just like anything else in this world. You may have to try a few things before you find the right product for you. It is a part of the process. We can make suggestions, but cannot make any guarantees. 

Q: Will there be different product consistency?

Our products are all hand made and mixed making them unique. We do not believe in direct measuring so every batch may differ slightly but we can guarantee everything is made with love and quality!

Q: The product did not work for me or stopped working, what should I do?

Try something else! The true beauty of skincare is trial and error and finding what works best for you. Just because one product doesn't work, does not mean that all of them won't. That applies to any product on this earth! 

Q: Where should I store my body scrubs?

You should store scrubs in a warm environment like the shower. In a colder area, the oils in the scrub will likely harden up some, but this should not be much of an issue as oils can re-melt. 

 Q: Do you all test on animals?

Honeyed Natural Health & Beauty is and will remain a cruelty-free company. We do not test our products on animals.

 Q: Why is it small chunks in my lip gloss?

Sometimes during the cooling process of making out products, some of our oils & butter may harden back up. They melt back down when coming in contact with the skin (warmer temperature). We use no chemicals to keep the product of smoother texture! Just the natural way of truly all-natural organic products!

Q: Why is my lip balm so hard?

Natural lip balms tend to have a stiffer texture then non-natural ones. There are certain chemicals added to market brand products to make it a softer texture. Leaving it in warm areas will cause it to soften some if need be.

Q: Why does the color separate in my lip gloss?

With our products being all-natural, you may notice flaws in every tube, but this what makes it uniquely beautiful. We do not use any processed coloring such as food coloring; instead, we use crushed colored minerals that naturally occur from the earth. These minerals are nonirritating and may help calm irritated skin. Great for sensitive skin, as well. We do not use any stabilizer or chemicals in our products either to keep the color within the gloss. 

 Q: Are these products Subject to mold overtime?

Yes! All-natural and organic products are 100% chemical-free and tend to have a shorter shelf life then those who use chemicals to help keep the product over a long period of time. These chemicals are considered harmful. We do add raw honey to the majority of our products, and not only does this have fantastic health benefits- it expands shelf life as well.